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Blogging Twitter and self expression on the web.

I signed up for twitter. O.o

My blog doesn't even have a direct web address. Maybe I'll learn something and go tonight to the coffee shop with my girl and toss the blog site up onto the server. I guess I don't have any reward for having a blog. I'm too jaded to give a shit what you think. It's more a journal for myself. I'll just have to remember to password most I them that I actually do care about so I don't forget to restrain myself web venting about techie peoples that probably have enough of a ass-ego that cares about what other people think about them ( read: geeks ).

Anyways, Ive already learned that replying to something someone said over 12 hours ago is bad. It's like taking a shit in the hallway between the breakroom and the vending machine. Silly me. Oh well, I'm going to go back to work.