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Change from Wordpress to Drupal?

As Im thinking about stuff, and writing blogposts, I am being reminded to update my WordPress install. I've kind of not liked WordPress for a while, but it works VERY well. No reason to change what isn't broken right? HAHA fuck that.

Some IRC friends say that Drupal has recently gotten extremely awesome, and I am noticing more and more sites that run it... So I might end up moving this site over again... to drupal. Who knows. An install is an install, so besides fucking up the indexing of the site from google/yahoo/whoever, no harm...

And I have about 4 different xHTML/CSS templates I've recently written for clients/friends/family that need Wordpress theme conversions, or CMS themes to be more general. Maybe I'll try it later, after I get all this FreeBSD stuff taken care of.