Information contained within is probably wrong

I want it all

I use the website Binsearch a fair amount, specifically the Browse feature. A site like Binsearch makes it so I dont have to spend a lot of bandwidth and cpu power downloading and threading/sorting headers. Unfortunately, they seem to have a custom option that automatically groups similar threads together, usually by the same poster. I see its usefulness in combatting SPAM and what-not for text and discussion groups, but not for binaries.

So I took 20 minutes and wrote a userscript to automatically redirect any request to their /browse.php page to one that includes the directive to load all ungrouped.

Check it out here, where I've decided to store all my pretty userscripts: http://hplogsdon.com/userscripts/

It has been fully tested on Chromium 5.0.359.0 (42183) (last nights build), and it seems simple enough that Opera and Firefox/Greasemonkey should not have a problem. If they do, let me know and I'll actually test them. I just don't care enough right now.

Edit: after using it for a few minutes, I figure I should update it to automatically append the "all" option to any link to the /browse.php page so you dont have to load each new link twice. The guys at binsearch.info would probably appreciate it also. I'll do that soon.