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Internet Arguments

I've been sick for the past couple of days. Somewhat ironic since I've basically quit smoking, except for the occasional habitual ones just before bed and after waking. Though it seems, or at least I feel, like I'm getting better faster then I have in the past. And thanks the the awesome fever, my head is all mucky and I'm under short temperment also.

Anyways this morning after I showered I was checking my email and saw some random conversation about Twitter going on in the local IRC channel. This newer person I have no idea who is outside of IRC said something, which basically repeated his/her opinion on other subjects:

"what most people use it for is lame :( " then: "it is an effective way to pass around information, it's just that 90% of that communication is completely useless crap :\"

to which i replied:

[1054.39] < @uxp> {name}, shut up. the world doesnt revolve around you. other people have every right to use any resource they have available for any purpose they see fit.

which sparked this whole "I bet uxp uses twitter like a journal: 'this morning i woke up', 'this afternoon i ate lunch'" which just pissed me off even more.

I don't even really know why I even stepped into the conversation. I'm not a fan of twitter. I think its pretty stupid. I also think blogging is pretty stupid. I feel that everyone has the right to do whatever they see fit to do, whether or not it "contributes" anything to society. 99% of everything passed through this particular IRC server is crap, and most people on it "should" be denied access so the people that want to use it to better themselves and others may do so without the distraction of the hurfblurf bullshit... but doing so denies other people from even attempting to do so.

Anyways, I dunno. I also see the hypocrisy in myself telling this person to STFU because "I" don't want to listen to his/her bullshit about no one caring about their feelings of the internet. I'm going to chalk it up to "you gotta spend money to make money" kind of stuff. Maybe I'll have to be an ass every once in a while to make other people see that they are being assholes. (though its entirely the opposite I need to do) fuckit.

I hate 90% of people on the internet. They shouldn't have access to My Internet. Its special.