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I don't know why I added another language to my list of things I really want to learn but will never have enough time to devote to it. Back in the day I knew how to navigate my way through C code. It was around FreeBSD 4.2 (2001?) when I downloaded the kernel source. After untarring it I started to poke around inside trying to understand what I was looking at. Granted, I still don't know what the hell goes on inside the kernel. Its one of those magical pieces of code I'd rather leave to the professionals. I'll stick with the crap I write, at least for now. Sooner or later, when C++ became all the rage, I tried to pick up on that, but Object-Oriented Programming never really made much sense. If I was in the middle of a class with a professor trying to jam it into my brain, I might have a better chance, but it still takes a little thinking to understand exactly what is going on. Inheritance is a bitch. Anyways, Since I knew more of C than C++, I would still write C code in the middle of my C++ programs. Not a huge deal, since its a subset, but its an issue. Well after the Macs entered into the picture and finding out Apple is nice enough to give not only Documentation for Cocoa and Objective-C, but an entire IDE based around the frameworks with an awesome Interface design suite... or rather, single application.

Well come to find out that Objective-C is nothing more than an Objective framework on top of C. Makes my life easier. So I've been plowing though Kochan's Programming in Objective-C book. Its a really nice transition from C to Obj-C. I can fall back and do a purely Functional based program without feeling like too much of a pussy for using printf("\n"); instead of std::cout << "\n"; I dont know about you, but I think I'm finally understanding how OOP is working out. I'm still on Part I of his book, which uses "objc/Object.h" as the interface of the OOP. Part II will delve into more of the NeXTstep stuff like NSClassView, and all the other goodies, which is a step to the Cocoa framework. I'm starting to like this shit.

But actually, I'm just giving my head a rest. My dad wants his website re-formatted and so I just spent a couple hours taking out my pigeon-shit hackjob from last year and recreating it with a decent implementation of a website, that even validates! I know I know, Validation isn't everything, but I figure the less errors I have, and the less warning, and less chance of anything happening that I did not intend will make me a better programmer. Doesn't matter if its HTML or x86 Assembly.