Information contained within is probably wrong

OSX LaunchDaemons again

I can't remember what I was trying to do, but running the command

launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

Completely incapaitated my iMac. It was pretty cool.

To resolve it, I had to boot up in singleuser mode with Command+S at the boot chime, run fdisk, then remount the drive with read/write permissions, and then run the reverse,

/bin/launchctl load -w /System.....

Which, from singleuser mode, actually booted me back into the aqua desktop system. It was interesting. A couple of "let's just be sure" reboots later, and I'm golden, until I run another retarded command as root.

And since my iMac was rebooting, I seized to write this on my iPhone, and the wordpress app no longer has a save button? Wth.