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Shared Hosting

So I only have one hosting provider for all my websites. I took full advantage of one of those companies that oversell their web hosting services and tossed a bunch of sites all up on one account. I haven't had a problem with it up until now.

Unfortunately it's a shared server. Realistcally, that doesn't matter much. Some day I would like to have my own Colo running a couple of virtual machines, one for webhosting, one for whatever, and so on, but for now, shared is cheap and works great.

Well, works great up until somebody on the box decided to go ahead and poss off the wrong dude. It's under a DDOS attack. Has been since about 7 last night. I will admit that while i'm have my own servers, I couldn't admin them very well to be perfectly reliable and depend on them for business. Commercial ventures are one thing, hobbying is another. I am perfectly fine with pulling the plug on one of my boxes, but when it comes to the live box I pay to use, I expect the admins of that network to be as quick and reliable as can be. I just don't know how long it can take to resolve a DDOS. Thats something Until then I just get to wait and see.

Oh yeah... I'm starting to use my staging server as my primary server as well for the personal sites, like this one. Mostly cause this is more of a journal that I don't give a shit if someone else reads. Oh well. Off to work I go, trying to come up with a good way to describe what a DDOS is to my dad, who just moved a new domain for a commercial venture onto that box's account. "Why the he'll isn't this website loading? Did you break something?" ugh. I don't want the responsibility of being an admin. I just want to code.

Day++ and a merry Christmas to anyone reading this. I'm getting a lot of crawlers coming round, but still can't find this site, hidden as it may be, popping up anywhere. Nor do I have any search engine referals to random people clicking through. Internet: Serious Shit.