Information contained within is probably wrong

the div tag

Haha. I just published the last post and then sat back to reread it. I feel that not enough people actually read what they write. Maybe anything entered into a text entry box will always appear to be grammatically correct and persuasive enough to turn the pope Jewish, but whatever.

Anyways, I was looking over the design of this blog, which will be gone shortly and migrated to the new theme and site, and the only thing I could think of is "Oh hey, this will be easy. All I have to do is modify .... and then the site will be done!"

I remember back when I first started to understand HTML back in like 1994 and the coooolest thing in the world was a site composed entirely of tables. A site would be ~4 HTML documents, a header, a sidebar/menu and a content page all linked together through the index document.

HTML has come a long ways.