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Wordpress Upgrade (kinda) and migration

So, quite a while ago I noticed that the back end of WordPress was complaining that there was a new version, v2.7, available and that I must upgrade now!!! or some shit. This was just after I finished the template of my new site design to go with the new domain. Oh, yeah. Im changing the domain that the (my) blog is under. I don't give a fuck about google links going to 404s and shit.

404 is kinda like an 808, 'cept its constantly random. If you didn't get that, fuck off kkthks.

Anyways, this was probably a couple months ago, and it gave me motivation to complete the blog theme to be identical to the xHTML side. Well, motivation is awesome, except when you have a a couple dozen other projects. Long story short, I started it maybe 2 weeks ago (appx. the time of my last post regarding the site being obfuscated and me wanting to fix it), but "starting is a very loose term. I installed WordPress on my MacBookPro at the coffee shop, tried to find a "blank" WordPress theme to use as a base, and got distracted on the Apple Developer Site with Objective-C, and then subsequently started coding in Obj-C.

Two things, Obj-C is fucking badass. I'm STILL wrapping my head around the theory part of Object-Oriented Programming (thanks to MIT Open CourseWare, Berkeley Webcasts and some of the equivalents elsewhere)... And a really good blank WordPress theme is the Classic Theme that ships with the releases. I used to have a good tar of a "Blank" theme found on the web which I would build off of, but when it came down to it, the "Classic" theme is really well done with conventional namings of the div ids and shit. the blank one, iirc, was fucking stupid and I ended up having to go through the entire thing with sed commands (s/this/that/) to replace shit.

Speaking of getting distracted on my MBP, I have GeekTool2 installed on both my Macs. On my iMac, all that displays is a oneliner for my Load Avg. On the MBP, I have a month calendar, and a grep/sed/awk hack of the 'top' command which displays memory, cpu, and pid of the top 10 applications (sorted by mem use I think). I really need to get rid of those on the MBP, the load averages is really fucking useful, and I'd like to spend some time to sync some shit (like my iCals. getting a CalDAV server running didn't work.) Well, getting distracted (see ^ ) is fucking easy on the mobile computers. I can be sitting somewhere and think of looking something up lets say under Wikipedia. So I quickly pull out the Mac, and click on Safari in the Dock. I use Spaces, A LOT, (virtual separated desktops like Gnome and KDE have had forever) and so it usually focuses me on another desktop wherever Safari is and oh shit there's like 15 open tabs in 3 different windows. Hrm, should I save this one, close that one, bookmark this one. Fucking annoying. Oh wait, I really wanted to read this article I opened up in a "new window behind the current window"... I'll just start reading.. and then its been 20 minutes, I've opened up 4 more tabs and what the fuck did I even want to look up... oh shit I cant even remember the site I wanted to look at.

Thats my only gripe about mobile web devices, be it my iPhone, or my MBP, or fuck, I've even done that with the OLPC XO... Every time you open it, its got your last session. Sometimes, you don't need that last session, but you think you do...

Anyways. Less griping. holyfuck that was a giant distraction post.

so I finally have the blog all themed, and the only step now is to upload the shit, then install wordpress on my web server and migrate the data over from this old site. I'm going to keep all the old posts. Its nearly midnight already, so I might do that tomorrow... but if I put it off it may be a few more days until I get around to it. Who knows... Going to go see how the girlfriend is doing right now and then decide from there. Speaking of which, I need to design something for her domain I bought months ago. :( always more projects...