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Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I'm rereading Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Unfortunately the only copy I have is an audible copy, which is this proprietary audiobook format. It works great through iTunes and iPods, but I can't transfer it anywhere else. I'll probably end up stream-ripping it then re-chapterizing it for iTunes.

I'm about 3 hours into it, which I have no idea the chapter equal, but it seems to make more sense every time I go though it. My Vajrayana teacher was mentioning the same thing with the book she provided for the intro course, that every time she reads it, it makes more sense on a deeper level. One starts off shallow and as one progresses into new and deeper "tiers" for lack of a better definition, the earlier tiers will grow as well. Like a pyramid, almost. As one builds higher, the foundation must grow to support the new weight resting on top.

It's really a profound book. It also helps me understand where my friend, who is a philosophy major, comes from. Though I feel he likes knowing everything in all subjects, he also only grasps the shallowest levels in many of the areas we have in common. I would rather my knowledge run deep, and be skillfull of the things I do everyday, where as I feel he wants to be able to know enough of everything to be independant from the world in a Thoreau's "Walden" kind of way. Such thinkers seem selfish and dis-loyal to me and I wonder if they cause more harm than good to both themselves and society. Only time will tell.

Either way, I'm going to rest. Hopefully time will help me rid of this sickness the recent Salt Lake Winter Inversion lent me. Oh how I love and hate this city and it's inhabitants.