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Zend Framework

I'm gonna go ahead and write a second blog post today. Got shit else to do, really (actually thats a lie, there's always something).

A few years ago I was a big fan of World of Warcraft. It was a fun game, but I never really got involved in a guild. That was a major disappointment. By the time I hit 70 (I started playing a couple months before Burning Crusade), everyone on the server I was on had already hit 70 and were rolling around in their cool epics. I was never able to get a raid slot due to me being a fairly undergeared tank. By the time I did get a pretty decent equipment setup, It got boring. PVP sucked, and the game really had nothing to offer on PVE, cause everyone is a fucking babby. So I rolled a new character, a warlock, and he hit 70 really damn quick (lol overpowered) and then I started to raid, and was able to fit him out entirely on kara and crafted purps. Well, It then got boring again. So I quit, for maybe 5 months, then restarted for 3 months, and then finally quit.

Well, MMOs are goddamned sweet. I've always liked online multiplayer games. Besides some weird RPGs, Final Fantasy XI (lol Macs/Linux), to be exact, there hasn't been much I have wanted to play. Sometime before I did quit playing WoW, CCP, the company behind EVE Online decided to team with Cedega and release a Linux and Mac client. I downloaded it, and played it for a couple days, but due to the game being absolutely horrible, I never extended beyond the trial. There were some loose friends that played, and I never actually played with them, which is probably why I hated it. Over time, more friends started to play, and they all happened to be in a major PVP Alliance. Well, I became better friends with one of them, and he kept on telling me to play, but I didn't really want to do another zombie grind to end-game again (did I tell you I maxed enchanting/tailoring, mining/blacksmith AND Jewelcrafting/Mining on 3 seperate WoW characters?). I don't know what happened, but I ended up downloading EVE, and created a new trial account. Before I was a week into the game, I already was living in 0.0 space, in said major alliance, and happily blowing up other peoples ships in my little frigate. It was awesome.

Then a couple months later, I activated another account. Figured one would be PVP oriented and the other be PVE, though it looks like my PVE character is a lot more balanced for both right now. Anyways, this alliance is big. Real big. I'm pretty sure a single guess would cover it. They need work done outside of eve, in the meta game. There is a lot of Meta in EVE. One major douchebag alliance was effectively removed from the game by one player who basically defected after a series of rather ironic events. That alliance is trying to make a come back, and despite them saying how they are winning this war, the numbers do not add up. But the leaders are trying to play the meta game, and win psychologically, which might, and actually seems to boost their member's morale. Anyways, didn't want to get into a goons vs. BoB thing, but I did.

So the alliance I'm in needs coders. Building recruitment apps, API proxies, asset tracking apps, and a lot of other stuffs. And updating said apps. CCP, likes to update stuff a lot. This means URLS break, APIs become invalid, and databases get modified. So I joined up do start coding for them.

The current chosen frameworks are Django/Python, Zend/PHP, and Ruby on Rails. I thought I'd do Zend, so Ive got a couple environments running locally. Localhost on my mac has a virtual domain for development, and then a staging server is on my BSD box. Truth be told, I also have a RoR and Django environment set up on localhost as well. I said in an earlier blog post (months) that I had a hard time with OOP, but sitting down with a framework which is basically a big collection of OOP classes and hashing out a project is an easy way to learn. I'm by no means fluent, but I have learned more about OOP in the past 4 days than I have in the past 4 months. P cool.

Well its now late. I'll be getting to bed.