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Installing Software

Ugh. Trying to reinstall MySQL on my iMac. Leopard comes with a default, but its not up to date. Anyways, You know you need help, or a better paying job, when you have issues installing a new piece of software that comes in pre-compiled binary packages.

One more....

Being a technical geek, I haven't had a blog in a long time, or rather, this is the first time I feel good about having a blog. Before, I'd have one that I'd install, put 2 posts up, then remove after 5 months of inactivity.


So, despite me disliking Wordpress, I decided to use it. One think I do like about wordpress, is that a fucking senile old man can figure out how to write and post a blog in only a short while. This is probably why it is so popular. This is also why I dislike it.

WRT54G-TM Hacking

So, I'm a hacker at heart. I love the feeling that all boundaries are broken when you can peek into the insides of something static and make it much more dynamic to your own needs. This includes both hardware and software, and at times, organic devices.