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Website Development Screencasts and Podcasts

Why do developer screencasts and podcasts favor MAMP over OS X's built in Apache? It makes no sense.

Work sux

Well, I'm at work right now waiting for some stuff to go through the cleaner. I have two baskets ready to go, but the long weekend without running the cleaner has made it slow down quite a bit. It runs a little rough and the hydraulics get sticky after about 2 days, so Mondays are usually rough going, and the extra day has made it worse.

OS X Launch Daemons

So, after a long adventure playing with FreeBSD + KDE4.2 as a full time desktop operating system, I've fallen back to running OS X. I don't know why really, but I have. Maybe a little more flexibility, though I would doubt it if I was told so. I also took that little p4 2.66GHz laptop and tossed Windows XP on it. Unfortunately, as a huge advocate of Open Source Software, XP is really quite cool. There have been quite a few applications I've like to run, but couldn't unless I was actually running WinXP. Its nice to have a box that I can easily get to and run those applications now. Who knows what the future holds, but I'm pretty sure i'll be back someday.

Internet Arguments

I've been sick for the past couple of days. Somewhat ironic since I've basically quit smoking, except for the occasional habitual ones just before bed and after waking. Though it seems, or at least I feel, like I'm getting better faster then I have in the past. And thanks the the awesome fever, my head is all mucky and I'm under short temperment also. Anyways this morning after I showered I was checking my email and saw some random conversation about Twitter going on in the local IRC channel. This newer person I have no idea who is outside of IRC said something, which basically repeated his/her opinion on other subjects:

FreeBSD on Apple MacBookPro Hardware

So, After taking nearly 24 hours of compiling, KDE-4.2.1 is installed and running. I'm having slight issues here and there with a few things.

Change from Wordpress to Drupal?

As Im thinking about stuff, and writing blogposts, I am being reminded to update my WordPress install. I've kind of not liked WordPress for a while, but it works VERY well. No reason to change what isn't broken right? HAHA fuck that.

FreeBSD + OS X Dualboot

I decided to go ahead and try the dualboot of FreeBSD and OS X on my MacBookPro, Which was very silly of me. Here's basically what I have done so far:

Resolving issues in OS X

LibJPEG has always been an issue. Always. I'll admit that I need more experience under a POSIX environment. Luckily for me, I have hardware that I can easily use, and I'm not dumb enough to sudo rm -rf /. Though I have done some 3AM dumbass maneuvers thinking it would solve all of my problems.

I hate WINE right now.

This snippet is for my own personal use. Im trying to run WINE under OS X. Not any of the fancy shmancy Darwine packages, I like the command line stuff. Looks like I STILL have an issue with OpenGL. Im running x.org's X11, not Apples, as well as all the dependancies compiled by hand from source. and I still can't get my shit together. I can't figure it out. I'll give it 2 more months before I either end up installing Ubuntu or FreeBSD/KDE on my iMac.

Point of View

This blog might turn into an essay and opinion paper about Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. After paying just a little bit more attention to the audiobook I noticed that there are chapter breaks.