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Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I'm rereading Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Unfortunately the only copy I have is an audible copy, which is this proprietary audiobook format. It works great through iTunes and iPods, but I can't transfer it anywhere else. I'll probably end up stream-ripping it then re-chapterizing it for iTunes.

Finished Migrating

I finally finished migrating Wordpress, and I'm rather quite impressed

Wordpress Upgrade (kinda) and migration

So, quite a while ago I noticed that the back end of WordPress was complaining that there was a new version, v2.7, available and that I must upgrade now!!! or some shit. This was just after I finished the template of my new site design to go with the new domain. Oh, yeah. Im changing the domain that the (my) blog is under. I don't give a fuck about google links going to 404s and shit.

Blogging Twitter and self expression on the web.

I signed up for twitter. O.o

Shared Hosting

So I only have one hosting provider for all my websites. I took full advantage of one of those companies that oversell their web hosting services and tossed a bunch of sites all up on one account. I haven't had a problem with it up until now.

iPhone publishing

My girlfriend lost her phone on Wednesday... Well long story short we ended up buying two iPhones.


I don't know why I added another language to my list of things I really want to learn but will never have enough time to devote to it.

the div tag

Haha. I just published the last post and then sat back to reread it. I'm kind of an idiot.


Good timing I guess. Its the morning right now, and I decided to look at the site to see if there was anything that I didn't like. All in all it looks good.


I'm changing things again. I know that no one is reading this. I get occasional searches for SilverStripe theme help, bot overall it's dead.